Wholesale trading - upgrade your distribution process

Wholesale trading - upgrade your distribution process

Small Business Software for Wholesale Trader

Growing distribution businesses are often unable to scale due to manual systems or Software solutions not equipped to handle the complex needs of wholesale distribution systems. This finally impacts profitability and growth margins.
Deskera understands the issues your distribution business is facing, and our business software solves each one of them for you
  • Information based on unreliable data
  • Inefficient inventory utilization
  • Ineffective order processes and inaccuracies
  • Order orchestration and inventory visibility issues
  • Manual processes that cannot scale
Designed keeping in mind the wholesale sector's requirements, it provides you with an efficient yet comprehensive single view dashboard of accounting, customers, orders, products, and inventory. What's most helpful is that you can access this on the go with the Deskera mobile App.

Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouse

Track Purchase Orders and Bills

Raise Instant Quotations And Save Time

Globally Tax Compliant

Simple Bank Reconciliation

Simplified Sales And Purchase Returns

Business On The Go

Track & Customize Sales Pipeline To Match Your Process

One To Many Email Marketing

Automate the Payroll and Leave Process