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What is Mobile ERP?

What is Mobile ERP?

Mobility and real-time communication are two driving forces reigning the software space for a while. Mobility is impacting the way businesses conduct their day-to-day operations. Companies are not hesitant in exploring newer ways to leverage the technology of mobile tools as an extension of their ERP systems. In a mobile ERP setup, users have the comfort of using their ERP system via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, instead of a fixed computer location. Mobile ERPs enhance mobility within the framework of a company, thereby increasing business productivity.

With mobile ERP, users can easily create, access and share business information through hand-held mobile devices. This ensures real-time access to data on the fingertips, without any significant investment on infrastructure or setup. Simple mobile ERP applications coupled with flexibility to ‘use it anywhere’ allows business decision makers the ease of staying informed at all times. However, it should be remembered that not all mobile ERP applications are built the same. An ideal mobile ERP tool should be capable of streamlining communication for enhanced work collaboration and greater productivity.

Benefits of Mobile ERP

  • Cloud Storage – Cloud-based mobile ERP applications simplify day-to-day business operations by reducing the complexity associated with manual recording of information. Mobile ERPs are flexible enough to streamline processes but without impacting operational efficiency. Storage of data in a central cloud location along with anywhere access brings tremendous value in terms of savings and productivity. Also, cost reduction can be achieved, as minimal investment is required for equipment or infrastructure while using Mobile ERP.

  • Improved Data Quality – The foundation of any ERP system is the data that is fed into the system. The ERP system is as good as the input data. Collecting data via a mobile app and inputting it to the ERP system, assures your ERP system is more effective. Also, mobile ERP apps can be designed in a way to capture bad data and stop it from entering your ERP system. Therefore, mobile ERPs become the one-stop location where all your quality data is input and recorded.

  • Greater Visibility – With mobile ERP, it becomes very convenient to track the activities of more than one business location. Business operations across different work departments and locations can be easily tracked from the comfort of your mobile handheld device. It becomes easier to anticipate demand and plan business processes accordingly. A mobile ERP app will gather valuable data and information from different points and provide up-to-date information to keep you informed about what is happening in real time.

  • Competitive Advantage – Mobile ERPs have access to real-time on-the-stop information related to business accounts, which is helpful for companies to improve their competitive advantage. With full access to ERP applications on their mobile devices, decisions makers have better control over business operations. This helps reduce the turnaround time and boosts productivity.

  • System Agility – Mobile ERP applications have simplified the process of tiring, long implementations. Mobile apps are adding an extra layer of flexibility to existing ERP implementations, making the process faster and more cost effective.

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Mobile ERP apps are the future ahead

More and more organizations, these days, are taking to the mobile platform. Mobile ERP apps are driving innovation and have become a basic component of any organization with a mobile workforce. Mobile ERPs are driving visibility across all business departments and speeding up the process of automation, thereby delivering enhanced efficiency and profitability for companies.