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What is a warehouse?

A warehouse is a place where you store purchased or assembled items waiting for delivery.

What is a warehouse management software?

The warehouse management software is a technology designed to support and track warehouse operations. Businesses can track their inventory's movement in and out of the warehouse efficiently with warehouse software.

Can I have more than one warehouse using Deskera's warehouse management software?

If you have a professional license, you can have more than one warehouse in Deskera Books. You can see how many products, quantity, and value each warehouse has.

How can I create a warehouse in Deskera Books?

To create a warehouse using Deskera's warehouse management software, follow the steps as mentioned below:
  • Go to Warehouse on the sidebar menu
  • Click on Add Warehouse button
  • This will open a dialog box. Fill in your warehouse's name, and address
  • Click on the Save button

Can I generate inventory-related reports using Deskera's warehouse management software?


How can I use Pick-Pack-Ship on mobile app?

Click on the Pick module available under the Business section in the Deskera Mobile App. Under the Pending list, you can view all the quotes and invoices that you wish to fulfill. You can select a record and start to generate Picking List.

What types of inventory related reports that I can generate using Deskera's warehouse management software?

Here are some of the inventory-related reports that you can generate:
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Availability by Warehouse
  • Stock Ageing Report
  • Inventory Valuation Detail Report
  • Sales Return Report
  • Stock Valuation

Where can I see warehouse stock levels?

You can view the warehouse stock levels in the Stock Availability By Warehouse Report in Deskera Books. It shows you what products and quantities are in each warehouse.

Can I see an aging report by different warehouses in Deskera's warehouse management software?

The Stock Aging Report allows you to filter the inventory based on different warehouses. It provides you the information such as the quantity, value, and how long the stock has been at that warehouse based on the day range.

Do you have the stock adjustment for a specific warehouse?

Yes. Deskera's warehouse management software lets you adjust your stocks whenever you need it. Whether it's stock in or stock out from the warehouse, you can perform stock adjustment for various reasons.

Do you have stock transfer functionality in Deskera's warehouse software?

Certainly. You can perform a stock transfer from one warehouse to another warehouse with ease. The stock quantity will be adjusted accordingly based on the quantity input in Deskera's warehouse software.

Did you know?

Most large scale companies with huge inventory counts usually have more than fifty (sometimes hundreds of warehouses around the globe!). Amazon, one of the top e-commerce and cloud computing companies, owns over 175 warehouses across the world.