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Web-based class accessed through portals.

The virtual classroom is equipped with a real-time whiteboard for learning delivery. The whiteboard includes a WYSIWIG editor including a rich text editor, lines, indicators, highlighting, etc.

Screen sharing allows you to share your on-screen activity in real time with all participants in the virtual classroom, which helps to physically demonstrate activities and also facilitates problem-solving capabilities with immediate feedback.

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Real-time chat in a virtual classroom helps students raise questions and queries during the class, and the faculty to conduct dedicated Q&A sessions. With real-time chat, faculty can make interaction informal with emoticons, different fonts and colors, and give students personal attention with one-on-one chats, or chatting in a group.

Real-time video and audio streaming capabilities contribute to a real look and feel to virtual classrooms. Faculty can gauge attention levels of students while the learning delivery itself is given a more personal touch. Users can see facial expressions and hear multiple voices using VoIP. This helps to understand students’ needs, just as you would in a face-to-face classroom. To gauge student understanding and the effectiveness of the lecture, faculty can create polls on the fly during an online class. Different types of subject polls can be created for a quick evaluation.

Online sessions can be recorded for the archives, and also for students to revisit the sessions at will. It also helps students who were absent to catch up on the lectures by virtue of being provided with the very same learning delivery. The recording captures everything that happened in the virtual classroom session, including the presenters’ audio and video inputs.

Deskera’s Virtual Classroom software sends automatic email notifications and mobile text messages with a link to the class session to all the attendees. Two hours before the class, software sends automatic reminders to students via email and mobile text message. Also, teachers can check the attendance report and share the recording with those who couldn’t attend.

Virtual Classroom software enables real-time collaboration and delivery of online lectures. This software provides a highly interactive platform that uses video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom. This environment enables participants to interact face to face with the professor, and can ask questions and discuss just like in a real classroom. Deskera’s Virtual Classroom software is loaded with powerful collaboration tools such as a WYSIWYG, whiteboard, video conferencing, screen-sharing, Q&A engine, session recording, etc. Virtual Classroom software consists of an online virtual classroom with complete functionality and a web-based student management system with class scheduling features.