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Proactively Manage Your Users and Their Responsibilities

Build Strong Relationship among Team Members

Smooth Collaboration Between Different Departments

Actively Supervise Your User's Activity

Security Within Your Grasp

Full Control of Your User Management

Improve Your Productivity

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How many roles are there in Deskera CRM software?

There are two roles that you can select; Admin or User.

Can I track my users' activity?


How many stages that I can create in sales pipelines?

You can add multiple stages in a single pipeline without worry.

How can I track my users' activity?

Access to the audit trail feature on the sidebar menu and you can view your user's current and past activities performed within the system.

Can I create multiple teams?

Certainly. You can create multiple teams in the system.

How many members can I add in each team?

There are no limitation to the number of members that you can add to each team.

How can I control the visibility of the company's data?

When creating a contact, you have an option to select the visibility of the con