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Trainee Management

Trainee Management

Complete trainees’ self-service portal handling training from a secure platform.

The entire application-to-admission cycle can be managed within the system. You can define course-specific criteria for automating application approval and rejection. Alerts and notifications can be sent to concerned authorities as per defined workflow routing processes.

Capture the learner’s enrollment process, which includes the capturing of the trainee’s application for the program, evaluation and final enrollment to the program. Also, manage trainee work experience and educational background, along with their personal details.

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It helps trainees to monitor their learning activities, view current qualifications, run a profile match-up between current job openings and their current position, and select the courses which are beneficial for them.

Capture feedback about the course design and effectiveness. Also, track feedback and suggestions regarding infrastructure and various other user-defined metrics. Custom feedback forms can be designed for individual courses.

Deskera’s Trainee Management System enables institutions to manage all trainee-related processes from application and admission to graduation. Application forms can be designed individually for separate courses based on their eligibility requirements. Applications can also be captured from various sources across the web, including organization websites, and can be routed to respective personnel assigned for different courses. It allows you to record malpractices and unacceptable trainee behavior in training schedules and other learning activities. You can also capture trainee feedback about course design and content quality.