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Top reasons why every business needs complete GST solutions

India’s complex indirect tax structure became simpler and integrated with the new tax reform-GST. Experts believe that the Indian economy will get a boost with the cascading effect of GST in the long run. The successful GST implementation with a unified tax structure across diverse Indian regions is a daunting task, especially when not all Indians are completely yet aware of the benefits and processes related to GST.

To simplify and automate processes related to GST filling and adherence, a GST software is a must for all industries so that the new tax process doesn’t divert them from their core business processes. This article will elaborate few reasons why businesses should look out for a complete GST solution which complies with all GST norms.

Business automation is the call of the hour when the world is obsessed with containing cost, better integration, and restructuring labor resources. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is supporting the hard-core manufacturing companies fully, starting from making entries till the billing stages. Software like ERP have already automated the business process with transparency and visibility and a GST integrated ERP is almost an icing on the cake. Such integrated software help in simplifying the tax filing process with fewer complications. The entire package of GST integrated ERP boosts the digitalization process with secure database storage and easy online transaction.

The document management processes including payments, registration, warning notice, return, and refund under GST is completely digital. Thus, adopting online documentation management for this new indirect tax regime is necessary. This calls for making your business ready with a GST automation software to solve the problems that may occur during when companies replace their old indirect tax system with the new one.

Compliance reform is a major part of new GST reforms in India. Small and medium manufacturers are finding it difficult to adopt the post-GST effects like destination based tax rules, multi-states conformity, and the unveiling of the new tax structure. Thus, GST integrated ERP or custom GST compliance software will not only help the companies in meeting the new regulations but also support in maintaining correct financial records.

GST will make the existing undisciplined goods and service movement more systematic while revamping the indirect taxation process. But the businesses need to adopt a GST ready ERP system to take pleasure of this new systematic process.

Complete data security is the most critical aspect of the today’s digital world. No matter how you store your data in the cloud and purchase the most expensive antivirus software, smart hackers finally end up stealing your data by pushing the entire system into danger. Thus, buying a safe web-based GST software is a brilliant choice to run your business in the bright light of the new system.

Many small, medium and large companies have already adopted the ERP system to automate their business processes. In such scenario, establishing completely new master data in a different GST software is a critical issue. Thus, the GST billing software should be flexible enough to integrate with the existing system to offer a seamless experience. In such cases, the stand-alone GST software will only increase the business operating cost.

Although GST is offering a unified tax system in India, certain processes have become more complex. A taxpayer who is registered in one state will have to file thirty-seven tax returns in a financial year. Nowadays, many businesses have global partners and network in pan India level. As, for example, if a company has branches in all the Indian states, it will need to file 37* 29 (29 states) =1073 tax returns in a single financial year! This is why every business needs a GST automation software to keep your operation running by making these tedious filling process easy.

Experts have predicted that after some months from now onwards compliance with GST will be costlier but staying without compliance will cost the companies more. It is a call of the hour for the business houses to understand this biggest tax reform of the country and equip their business with required GST automation software to enjoy the long-term positive effect of the new tax structure. ERP is also here to offer a helping hand to address all GST compliances with ease. Thus, a complete solution on GST is available with better integration with your existing ERP or accounting system.