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Talent Management

Talent Management

Diverse people and diverse talent, identify and manage valuable people to win the race.

Manage the competency of your employees by aligning corporate core values with employee goals and career plans. Assessment of an employee’s expertise, know-how, mastery, or qualifications for a particular job can be done with Talent Management.

Define self-mapping of employees to their current and future roles and measure the gap in the competency level required for the job. This helps you to determine training needs through periodic review of competency mapping and assists in planning of in-house or external training for employees.

Deskera’s Talent Management enables you to analyze each trainer’s performance across sessions and identify gaps through relative performance and improvements reports. It also captures employee feedback to measure the trainer’s performance and utilize Deskera’s Feedback Engine to compare and evaluate trainers across departments, domains and programs.

Manage knowledge transfer by senior employees to the team to ensure its availability in the future.

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Effectively monitor performance and development gaps and increase individual and organizational goal achievement. Deskera’s Talent Management module enables you to profile any role or position within your organization in terms of competencies. Employees can then be assessed against these profiles. The resulting information has a significant impact on employee development, and succession planning, as well as employee productivity.