CRM Support and Service

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Support and Service

We cannot shut our eyes to the vital part of any business. Be a great support to your customers with superior service.

Efficiently record and track complete case details including case status and priority. You can view case creation date, time, assignee, and assignee status for case.

Assign process owners or resources for each customer case. You can also change the assignee of the case depending on the availability of resources.

Allocate multiple activities to each customer case and track the issue resolution status. You can also keep track of phone calls/emails to help keep a record of ongoing discussions on the case.

Deskera CRM – Support and Service

Add a priority level to cases based on the timeline and the level of criticality. This helps the assignee of the case to prioritize their work and the order of dealing with the case according to their relative importance.

With the familiar look of a spreadsheet, adding, updating and navigating information is easy. It ensures that all your tasks get completed in three clicks or less.

Add/update documents for each case. Maintain a central repository of documents to help you keep past records of cases, which can be helpful in the future.

Export your case list in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more, to help you view a combined case report in one convenient spreadsheet.

Deskera CRM provides a positive user experience and resolves issues quickly with real-time support and complaint management. It gives reps the tools they need to retain valuable customers and drive engagements. Assign SLA (Service Level Agreements) and track progress of cases created by each customer in Deskera CRM. With Deskera CRM system you can track pending and resolved cases with real-time status updates. Achieve total customer satisfaction by managing a complete service life cycle of each customer.