ERP Stock Management

Deskera ERP Legacy

Stock Management

Maintains a central repository of all details related to stock, products and items across chain of stores. Understand the stock mix of a company and the different demands on that stock.

Deskera ERP enables you to control stock levels and movement of stock across all stores of your organization. It also provides seamless reconciliation of business operations to maintain consistency throughout your organization. Goods Order provides an interface to capture orders from the client’s existing centralized ordering system and view expected vs. actual receipt details, as well as update the inventory levels.

Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations such as inter-store stock transfer, stock issue, stock adjustment and auto shipment for complete information about the stock status and movement. It helps you manage stock allocations to multiple stores across locations with the centralized purchasing system.

Inter-Store Stock Transfer Entry facilitates stock transfers in all the stores of your organization. It maintains stock transfer and stock issue forms, with fields capturing detailed information from each store and updating the system post transfer. Personnel in charge get a single view of all the stores to plan for stock transfers.

Stock management preview

Deskera ERP enables stakeholders to get the right product at the right place at the right time. It maintains a central repository of all details related to stock, products and items across the chain of stores. Deskera ERP allows users to manage all stock operations, from orders and receipts to inter-store stock transfer, daily audits and more. A single view of all stores inventory helps the user to plan for stock movement across various stores.