Get accounting software made for retail

Get accounting software made for retail

Small business software for retailers

The primary revenue source for retail business is supplying products to end customers, meeting their rising and changing demands. Retail units that are still managing their business with traditional accounting and inventory practices often struggle to keep up with the accounting volume and finance records. Retail is a tricky business, You might have the best product, but your business can fall prey to any of the following retail business impediments.
  • Cash crunch
  • Inventory mismanagement
  • Failure to manage gross margin
  • No control over expenses
  • Balance sheet going out of control
All these retail issues mainly happen due to accounting, financials, and inventory mismanagement.
We at Deskera understand the retail business, our software is designed to give you a view of all your operations- inventory, orders, warehouses, accounting, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, suppliers, POS, and CRM in one centralized system.
It helps you avoid errors from manual processes, sync delays, or lost data from disjointed systems.
Designed especially for small and growing businesses, Deskera provides a plethora of features that especially suit your retail Business and help you run your business better.

Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouse

Track Purchase Orders and Bills

Real-Time Reports

Automated Invoicing

Better Backorder Management

Global Tax Compliance

Simple Bank Reconciliation

All Your Contacts in One Place

Real-Time Outstanding Report

Barcoding of Stock Items

Make Decisions on the Go

Multichannel capability and Seamless Integration

Multi Currency Accounting