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Can I generate my financial reports in Deskera Books?

Absolutely. The data in the financial reports are auto-populated and you can generate all the reports whenever you need it.

Can I generate my tax report in Deskera Books?

You can generate your tax reports anytime you want. Easily retrieve your tax report and file your tax return on time.

What are the types of financial reports covered in Deskera Books?

Here are the financial reports available on Deskera Books; Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger, and Statement of Account.

What other reports that I can view besides financial statements?

Besides financial reports, you can also access other business reports related to your sales and purchase activities in Deskera Books.

Can I filter my report?

You can filter your financial report based on the data range. In addition to that, you can configure the filter using the custom field feature available in the system.

Can I export my financial reports?

Yes, you can export all your financial reports in PDF format. For business reports, you can export the reports in both PDF and Excel formats.

Can everyone in the organization view the financial and business reports?

Both admins and accountants have full access to the Reporting Module, whereas the auditors only have view-only access to the reports. Users with the buy and sell role have zero access to this feature.

More Data Than You Can Handle.

Finance enthusiasts need breakdowns so everything from financial reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements, general ledger, trial balance, statement of accounts are all available.