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When can I start with my On-boarding Process in Deskera Books?

After you sign in and done filling with the company process you can go and start with the on-boarding process.

After sign in for how long is the trial period?

You will get a free trial period for 30 days.

Can I explore an app using a demo company?

Yes, you can choose a demo company and try out the modules in this. You can do your test run here and try out all the features in the system.

Can I set up my organisation during on-boarding process?

Yes, you can set up your organisation by filling in your book beginning date and financial year start date.

Can I edit the book beginning date and financial year start dates?

No. You cannot edit these two days after saving the details, so make sure you select the right date while setting up the new organisation.

Can I migrate the data from Quick Books and Xero in Deskera System?

Yes. if you have an existing account with Xero and Quickbooks, you can choose to connect your Xero and Quickbooks account to sync some of the data over to Deskera Books by clicking on the Migrate Data button.

For which modules can I migrate the data manually?

You can choose to manually import your contacts, opening balance, products, or chart of accounts data to the system.

How can I create the first invoice in the system?

With the onboarding process, you will get an overview of the invoice creating process, with this you can learn how to get started with your first invoice creation in the system.

What is the usage of power checklist?

With the power checklist, once all the tasks are completed, you are now ready to use Deskera Books, and you can start creating and sending invoices and bills instantaneously.

If I skip the on-boarding process can I continue again?

Yes, you need to follow the below steps,
a) On at the bottom of the sidebar menu, click on your name.
b) This will open a box.
c) Click on the get started checklist to complete the on-boarding process.
Follow the onboarding processĀ from a - h, as mentioned earlier to complete this process. Click on the sign-out button whenever you wish to log-out from your account.