MRP Master Contract

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Master Contract

Maintain a contract agreement that captures business terms for all your customers

Maintain a master contract that will cover and record details of all preferences, specifications and guidelines related to your customers. All manufacturing processes, be it the creation of a work order or a sales order, consumes data contained within the Master Contract.

Record, manage and view comprehensive details related to your customer’s contract. You can store end-to-end customer contract information along with details such as the customer name, contract name, contract ID, contract date, contract start and end date, contract term, etc.

Store details related to your customer’s shipment contract. Define product name, description, unit of measurement, unit price, and base quantity for customer products. The delivery mode, shipping period, shipment status, shipping vendor, loading port, discharge port, final destination and freight cost can be tracked.

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Create a billing contract to make sure the terms of the billing relationship are clearly understood by all parties involved. Maintain a central repository for storing customer billing details like the billing address, recipient name, contact number, contact person and more.

Record and manage details for the packaging of delivery orders. The type of packaging whether internal or external has to be mentioned. You can also define the product name, product weight, certificate requirement, shipment mode, packaging profile type and more.

Define customer payment terms that specify the period allowed to your customers for payment of dues. Store customer payment details such as method, bank name, account name, payment term name, term days, term date and more.

Avoid wasting time searching for papers and replacing lost documents by maintaining a central repository for storing all important customer related documents. You can easily add or update new documents against any of your customer’s account.

Create a master contract for every business account so as to define the demarcation of responsibilities between your company and your customers. The Master Contract stores end-to-end information related to customer preferences and specifications. User can store details related to customer billing, shipping, packaging, and payment terms. Relevant contract documents can be attached to the master contract. Master Contract can also be linked to corresponding sales order and sales contract.