ERP Statutory Compliance - Malaysian GST

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Malaysian GST

Improve accounting and reduce tax fraud with Malaysian GST

Deskera ERP is RMCD approved accounting software and covers all the aspects related to GST as recommended by the RMCD.

Deskera ERP provides the issuance of tax invoices as well as credit/debit notes in compliance with GST legislation.

Deskera ERP generates the GAF files required for submission, in the format prescribed by the RMCD. The GAF files contain all the necessary information required by the RMCD to conduct audits of GST accounts. It can generate GAF file in XML and in bar delimited formats.

Deskera ERP maintains key data elements used for the generation of GAF files such as business name, BRN, GST number, GAF version, supplier name, supplier BRN, tax code and more.

You need to submit a detailed breakdown of your business transactions to the RMCD. Deskera ERP ensures that a detailed GST Form 3, with a separate breakdown of supply and purchase, is generated.

Deskera ERP Statutory Compliance

Deskera Financials is adequate to prepare your tax invoice (output tax), record tax on purchases (input tax) and produce GST tax return (GST-03 form) with ease. It covers all the regulatory rules set by the RMCD such as bad debt adjustment, 21 days rule, import of goods, advances, GST on self-billing, generation of GST 03 and capital goods adjustment. It provides the auditor with adequate audit trails to perceive the flow of events and to recreate the events, if required. The system does not allow anyone to alter the data without creating the required audit trails.