eLeave Leave Dashboard

Deskera eLeave

Leave Dashboard

Leave Dashboard

Intuitive leave dashboard for managing all leave processes.

The flexible and easy-to-use Leave Dashboard empowers the user to effectively apply for leave when needed. Receive real-time snapshots of employee work timings, leaves, time-offs and absences.

Receive notification for leave updates on the dashboard, such as the date applied for and approval status. Employees can individually access leave and attendance-related information anytime through a secure web portal.

View summarized leave information including total leaves entitled, earned leaves, leaves availed, remaining leave balance and more, on Deskera’s eLeave Dashboard.

eLeave Dashboard Preview

The electronic Leave Dashboard is a workspace providing you with a hassle-free and effective tool for applying for leave and knowing your leave status. Speed up the leave approval/rejection process with automatic emails on pending leave requests to managers. View all announcements made in a concise form on your dashboard. Get an overview of the leaves taken in any month by choosing that particular date from the calendar.