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Leave Administration

Leave Administration

Leave administration and leverage tools to efficiently manage all your leaves.

Accrual rules and policies can be easily set. They can be inherited or set at different levels, such as company, location or department, or even based on job title. It can also be customized for each employee if required.

With our leave management system you can customize your company’s settings in a few minutes. You can easily add and set up your staff, preferences, and permissions.

Your company’s unique leave structure can be configured and stored with special options, such as leave accrual or encashment, prefix, suffix or pro rata leave allocation. Employees can now be sure of the company’s leave policy through this system and can monitor and request the leave they are allocated.

Set different sets of company holidays for each location of your global offices. You can set which days of the week are off every week for your company. Defaults to Saturday and Sunday. You can set it to Fri-Sat if you are in the Middle East. If you are in retail and your staff works in shifts, you can set any day of the week as their weekly days off.

Leave Administration Preview

Deskera Leave and Attendance Manager Administration helps you standardize leave policies in your organization. Leave types enable you to define custom leave categories by title, department, or additional factors. You can also configure leave plans that include eligibility criteria, leave accrual amount, accrual limits and leave balance accumulation periods. Manage your organizational policies by uploading your leave policies.