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Create Debit and Credit Notes with Multiple Accounts

Effortless Multi-Currency Bank Transfer

Create Journal Entries That Balance

Even More Journal Entry Features That Make Your Life Easier

Create and schedule recurring journal entries
Create, edit and delete compound journal entries
Create, edit and delete simple journal entries
Group your contacts using different purchase and sales accounts
Group your products using different cost of goods sold and inventory accounts
Export Journal Entries
Realtime Profit & Loss
Realtime Balance Sheet and Trial Balance
Realtime General Ledger

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What is a journal entry?

Records of any transaction that occurs in business operations. Transaction records are then classified into different accounts based on the accounting standard.
Click on the link below for more information on what is a journal entry in accounting, why is it important, and how to record it.

Where can I find my journal entries in Deskera Books?

Go to the Accounting overview tab and click Journal Entry. You will then be able to create and see all the journal entries.

How are journal entries used?

Journal entries to populate the data for Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Cash Flow Statement, and other Financial reports.

Can I create manual journal entries?

Yes you can create manual journal entries. They can be simple or compound journal entries.
Click on the link below for more information on creating journal entries in Deskera Books.

Can I create unbalanced journal entries?

You can not create unbalanced journal entries in the system. This is a good thing as unbalanced journal entries can cause your balance sheet to become unbalanced.

Can different customers and vendors/suppliers have different sales and purchase accounts?

Yes each customer and vendor can select a different sales and purchase account.

What is a simple journal entries?

A simple journal entry is where you have a journal entry with one credit and one debit account with the same amount.

Can I export journal entries?

Yes, you can export journal entries, giving you the ability to slice and dice your information the way you want. External auditors may have a program that will analyze journal entries to check for any outliers. Exporting the journal entries will make it easier to run there program.
Click on the link below on how to export journal entries in Deskera Books.

Is Accounts Payable a credit or debit?

Accounts Payable can have journal entries that have amounts on the credit or debit side. It is a liability account, so it should only have a zero or credit balance. The credit balance is how much you own your vendor/supplier.
Click on the link below on more information on accounts payable.