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iSPRINT Packaged Solutions

As part of the move to simplify the grant application process, IDA introduced the concept of pre-qualified infocomm packages supportable under iSPRINT. These bite-sized, ready-to-use solutions enable SMEs to start deploying IT into their operations quickly and easily.

The iSPRINT (Packaged Solutions) contains a list of solutions, both Off-The-Shelf and Pay-Per-Use that meet IDA’s prequalification requirements.

BASIC Packaged Solutions
Software / Subscription / Pay-per-use Consultancy Cost Training Cost
Grant: 70% of qualifying costs, capped at $2,000
INTERMEDIATE Packaged Solutions
Grant: 70% of qualifying costs, capped at $20,000
SECTOR Solutions(New!)
Grant:70% of qualifying costs “No Claim Submission by SME” SMEs pay only 30% upfront to vendors. IDA will reimburse the support directly to vendors.

Check out the details at the website and the Step-by-Step guide on claiming for iSPRINT (Packaged Solutions) by IDA

This page contains information extracted from website and aims to provide a general overview of the key concepts of the Government IT Grant to Singapore Companies. Visit website for more information.

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