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Inventory Made Easy

Handle Inventory Anywhere Anytime Using Mobile Device

Mobile solution has revolutionized business inventory management.

Track Inventory Like Never Before

Create Bills of Material Instantly

Bills of Material is a complete list of all items required to build a product.

Save Time with Bulk Imports

Making Exports Easy

Get All Product Details in One View


Easy to Manage Multiple warehouses


Say goodbye to the Hassles of Moving Inventory Around

Inventory Adjustment Made Simple

Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouse


Easily Track Dropship Orders

Better Backorder Management

Effortless Pick Pack Ship Process

Create Custom fields


Get Valuation Inventory Report Immediately


Can I pack my products in multiple cartons?

You can choose to pack their products into multiple cartons. In the Packing List, you can decide how many products to allocate in the carton for the first cartoon. Once the packing reaches its maximum product limit, tick on the checkbox under the packed column.

Can I create Multiple Warehouses in Deskera Books?

Yes, you can add multiple warehouses in the system, which will help you manage your Inventory better.

Where can i apply warehouses to different Modules on Deskera Books?

The warehouse is applicable to different Deskera Books Modules to Products, Quotes/Invoices, and Fulfillment.

Can I Edit, Copy, Delete products from Deskera Book?

Yes, there is an option available to, edit the product details, delete the product not required and copy the product in the system.

Can I deactivate the warehouse using Deskera Book?

If the Warehouse is not in use you may choose to mark the Warehouse as Inactive. Do note that this will map all active transactions associated with the selected Warehouse to the Default Warehouse.