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Inventory Management ERP Software

Inventory Management ERP Software

In order to use your material resources effectively, it is mandatory for you to know how much inventory is available with you, in what quantity and where it is located. This information will build up a confidence that you have the latest and most accurate data on every part of your operation’s inventory, appropriate and always at your fingertips.

Need for ERP for Inventory management

Excess or shortage of supply, theft, damage or shelf life are few of the huge inventory risks that SMEs face. If these risks are left unattended, they can have a serious effect on your organisation’s bottom line. Shortage of inventory will result into dissatisfied consumers, less sales and higher handling and transportation charges. Apart from these, it also increases expenses on space. However, there are a few simple solutions to manage these risks. These solutions let business owners inventory requirement analysis and forecasting and real-time stock movement tracking. Inventory management ERP software is important to effectively control inventory for your business growth.

  • Track locations, transaction histories and costing
  • Automatically calculate the quantity of materials and its precise weight
  • Flawless delivery process
  • Collect data instantly while you receive, discard, pick and pack

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ERP Benefits for inventory management

  • Warehousing: Deskera offers unique features when it comes to tracking inventory across different locations. The physical locations themselves can be hierarchical, allowing the creation of sub-locations. These locations can then be broken down into bins to provide a more finite level of tracking. Once the locations and bins are defined, any item can be stored in any location, which gives you a holistic view of inventory levels across all physical locations.

  • Traceability: SMEs need to trace products through its entire lifecycle right to the receipt book. With Deskera, you can define inventory and manufacturing items and even track them. The system will capture and identify all relevant information on every transaction to offer complete traceability.

  • Cycle counting: No matter how great your manufacturing, accounting, tracking and reporting control systems are, you have to carry out consistent checks of actual inventory levels for major things. Deskera ERP for inventory and accounting can help lessen required security stock and lower your overhead expenses. Deskera’s ERP software enhances inventory and accounting management thereby offering you extra control over your benefits. You can order inventory in smaller or bigger quantities as per your requirements. It is also possible to customize your inventory as per the changing market needs.

  • Replenishment: Maintaining the accurate amount of inventory to back the service level expectations is extremely important. Deskera ERP offers multiple features to automate this process. You can track your inventory from multiple stock levels, monitor the process and get real-time data for the same. It provides purchasing, receiving, stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities.

Ensure your inventory is in the best of health by mitigating extra expenditure on overstocked inventory management. Distinguishing the most beneficial inventory and excess inventory is of equivalent significance as this can expand your income. Simply give your inventory the focus that it deserves as a healthy inventory leads to a better financial health of a company. Get the right ERP to help you manage inventory the right way and without hassle.

Deskera ERP software for inventory management will leverage your process with unimaginable benefits. Manage your financial transactions flawlessly and put your business to standard practice. Deskera delivers fully integrated, compliant and quick to deploy ERP software for SMEs.

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