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How to Evaluate CRM Software

In order to evaluate the right CRM software for your company you have to consider the following criteria:

  1. Size of your company
    1. Number of employees
    2. Annual Revenue
  2. Number of existing customers
  3. Number of prospective customers in pipeline
  4. Number of Sales staff

The factors listed above will help you determine whether your company requires Free version, Basic, or advanced version of the following features:

Campaign management

  • An advanced version of this feature would be helpful in case your sales depends on heavy marketing and you don’t have sufficient number of employees to support this.
  • A basic version of this feature will be required if your company deals with fewer prospective and existing customers
  • Small Businesses can start with a free version of this feature and upgrade to a basic or advanced version based on growth in customer database and revenue

Lead Management

  • An Advanced version of this feature is required when you have a large number of prospective customers in your pipeline. This is also useful when you have a high number of sales staff assigned to different products, services or geographies.
  • Free Lead management in CRM can be used if you are a small business and then upgrade to a basic or advanced version based on growth in customer base and revenue

Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity Management Module is necessary for businesses which have a small number of prospects but a long sales cycle.

Account Management

  • Advanced Account Management Module is necessary in case of companies having a large number of existing customers requiring support an having sufficient opportunity to re-sell, cross-sell and up-sell your products and services.