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Can I set up a help center or knowledge base with Deskera CRM Software?

Yes, Deskera CRM Software lets you set up your help center. You can create and manage articles, sections, and maintain a knowledge base for your customers.

Can CRM software help me to improve customer service?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software enables businesses to provide efficient customer support. With CRM software, you can create a help site for your customers to find all the answers they need.

Can I implement Deskera CRM Helpdesk without any developers/programmers?

Yes, you do not need any technical expertise to create your help site. You can select a domain to set up your help center within a few minutes and improve your customer support.

Can I organise articles into different sections?

Yes, you can create articles and tag them to different sections with Deskera CRM.

Can I connect my support email address for automated ticket creation?

Yes, you can connect your support email address with Deskera CRM software. Whenever any customers send an email to the support email address, it will automatically create a ticket in the helpdesk.

Can my support staff create tickets in Helpdesk Software?

Yes, your support staff can create tickets and update customers on the progress of the ticket with helpdesk feature in Deskera CRM.