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Sophisticated and Customized Examination Management Software

Examination Management System includes Examination Management software, and Examination Criteria Management software to create and evaluate examinations.

Deskera’s online Exam Management software allows you to create and conduct various types of exams, including qualifying exams, mid-terms, periodic tests and many more. It also allows you to conduct exams for specific student groups rather than the whole class.

Deskera’s Exam Management software allows you to set up exam rules for all course exams, such as students needing to successfully complete a previous examination before applying for the next exam. Also, define whether the grades of a particular exam should be considered while calculating the overall grade for the course.

Learning centers can be set up and venues for the various exams can be defined with Deskera’s Exam Management software. Designate book resources for examinations based on priority and availability of resources. Track costs incurred for conducting exams with various reports.

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Based on faculty types (full-time, adjunct faculty, levels) and their availability, invigilators can be assigned to different examinations with Exam Management software.

Faculty can check students’ work and assignments for cases of plagiarism and take appropriate corrective measures to maintain academic integrity.

Deskera’s Exam Management software allows you to create examination timetables that fit the criteria you specify, and also by presenting the results in different ways to help implement those exam timetables.

Faculty and invigilators can report incidents of misconduct by students during exams. Student misconduct history during exams is stored and available for identifying incorrigible students and for taking subsequent disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action can be taken against errant students based on reports submitted by faculty. Workflow routing for the same can be defined according to university norms and policies.

Deskera’s Exam Management system is an excellent exam management software that can effectively automate and streamline exam planning and execution, and it has been designed to make the examination processes easier and paper free. Our Exam Management portal helps you to automate the entire examination process from creation of test papers and grading criteria to handling logistics and allocating invigilators. Our examination automation software is designed to manage access permissions for different users to prevent misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data by any unauthorized user. Our online Exam Management software also takes into account practical exams for different subjects and gives the option to define whether the exam results will be shown as marks or grades.