Etraining Reports

Deskera eTraining Legacy



Comprehensive overview of the training status

Choose from a standard list of reports, which include reports on the trainer’s and trainee’s performance, the cost of training, department wise training and much more.

Determine the training status and access up-to-date statistics through intuitive graphs and tables.

Export training reports in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more. You can even customize the format of the files by defining templates before exporting them.

Reports Preview

With Deskera eTraining Reports, you can gain insights into the training status, financial, performance and training plan. Via a large number of customized reports, up-to-date statistics through intuitive graphs and tables, you can get a clear snapshot of the training cost, compliance performance and more. It helps to gather and analyze information regarding the organization’s training needs, details and their activities. This helps to build a deep and effective training process and improves strategic decision-making.