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ERP Software for Sugar Industry

ERP Software for Sugar Industry

Sugar is the key ingredient in almost every household and the raw material for other businesses like foods and soft drinks. Therefore, it is very much essential for this industry to automate most of the processes to meet the ever growing demand and supply methodology. The sugar industry is often divided into 2 major sectors namely organized and unorganized sector. Sugar factories belong to the organized sector and people those who produce traditional sweeteners fall into unorganized sector.

To meet the challenges of a sophisticated labor and process intensive business like sugar, the business desires an ERP system that may facilitate them in managing their internal and external resources optimally. Deskera ERP has sugar industry specific modules, which might be organized keeping in mind the sensible challenges related to the sugar industry.

Sugar industry faces multiple challenges associated with management of internal resources in general because the external stakeholders of the organization like the out-growers, transporters, loaders, cane cutters, native statutory authorities etc.

Deskera ERP helps in systematic farmer accounting, improved yields, higher harvest coming up with and cane cutting, important fuel savings and reduction in casual labor. Deskera software package solutions helps the corporates in terms of taking quick decisions, optimizing inventory, obtaining transparency and standardizing the method and production with 20+ years of implementation expertise.

Deskera ERP for Sugar trade provides excellent choices to capture the varied stages of the sugar process namely:

  • Extracting juice by pressing sugarcane
  • Boiling the juice to get crystals
  • Creating raw sugar by spinning crystals in extractors
  • Taking raw sugar to work for the process of filtering and discard the remaining non sugar
    components and hue
  • Crystallizing and drying sugar
  • Packaging the prepared sugar

By having enforced Deskera ERP for sugar industry, one would be able to:

  • Improve price management
  • Improve production cycle
  • Improve capability utilization
  • Improve productivity of account set up
  • More economical money assortment

You will have better watch of inventory, assets and improved price management. Thanks to the supply of correct and timely online info, Deskera gives you a comprehensive and integrated platform to run your business, your way. Integrate your purchasing, inventory, sales and billing, product management, vendor management, and financial reporting processes on a single platform and gain insight into day-to-day business operations in real-time.

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