eLeave Employee Self Service

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Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Enable employees to access leave details, manage leave applications and more, with Deskera's Employee Self Service feature.

Apply for leave by filling out the online form. You can easily file the details pertaining to the time off request. The leave request is automatically routed to that employee’s approving manager, who can then either approve or reject the application.

Edit the details of the leave application by selecting a leave. The employee also has an option to cancel the leave in case he does not want to use it at this point in time.

Employees can apply for a new emergency leave for just a few hours by simply entering the date, and the start and end time. The leave duration will automatically be updated. You may also add a brief description providing a reason for the leave request.

Easily edit time, dates, or the description of leave requests; or you can simply cancel them.

Employee Self Service Preview

Deskera eLeave enables employees to apply online for leave and time off. They can track the approval status online as well. When an employee applies for time off, the request is automatically routed to their respective manager(s) or the HR manager. At that point the manager(s) can either accept or reject the leave application. The automatic routing of leave applications saves a great deal of processing time. Employees can either apply for a full day, half day, or they can apply for specific hours which will then have to be approved by their manager(s) or the HR manager.