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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method whereby the seller ships a product directly to the customers from a third party supplier. The seller does not keep any inventory on hand.

How do I fulfill my customer's order using dropshipping in Deskera Books?

You can click on the contextual menu of the invoice/quote document and select the fulfill button. Select the Dropship button.

Do I need to create a manual purchase order to my suppliers after receiving orders from my customer?

There is no need for you to create purchase order manually as the purchase order is auto-populated after you click on the Dropship button from the quote/invoice document.

Does the purchase order contain the information related to my customer's order?

Yes, the purchase order will auto-populate the following items; the customer's address, purchasing price, the list of products, the quantity, and the linked invoice document.

Do I need to create a product in Deskera Books using the dropshipping feature?

CEven though you do not hold any inventory in the dropshipping business, you still need to create the product in the system to track your dropshipping transactions.

Do I need to create manual journal entry for dropshipping transactions?

There's no need for you to create manual journal entry for your dropshipping transactions as it's auto-populated in the system.