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What is General Ledger?

General Ledger acts as a master record for all financial transactions of your company. General Ledger provides the required data to generate other financial reports such as the income statement, the balance sheet, and the trial balance.

Is General Ledger the same as Balance Sheet?

Although General Ledger and Balance Sheet provide similar information, they are not the same, and their purposes are different. General Ledger acts as a master record for all financial transactions and provides the data to prepare the Balance Sheet.

Is General Ledger the same as Trial Balance?

Although General Ledger and Trial Balance provide similar information, they are not the same. While General Ledger provides transaction details of all accounts, Trial Balance only provides the ending balance of these accounts.

What are the types of ledger accounts?

A ledger is typically segregated into five categories - Assets, Liabilities, Owner’s Equity, Revenue, and Expenses.

Can I export General Ledger from Deskera Books?

Yes, you can export General Ledger into pdf and save it on your computer.

Can I filter General Ledger based on account type?

Yes, you to zoom in a particular account group and review all the related transactions. Click on 'Account Type' and change from 'All' to the account group that you wish to see.

Can I filter General Ledger based on custom fields?

Yes, you can filter the data based on predefined custom fields and focus on specific dimensions to gain insightful knowledge. Click on 'Filters' and choose the custom field that you wish to view.

Buying Tip from Deskera

You will be able to see the outstanding amount of any Bill. Indicate the Currency, Amount to be paid, and the Account used to deduct the Payment – Cash or Bank, or other Bank accounts created previously.