CRM - Manage Customers, Build Relationships

Deskera CRM

Manage Customers,
Build Relationships.

Build an Unbreakable Bond with Your Customers

360° View of your Contact Information

Import All Your Contact Data with Just a Click

Accomplish More with Extensive Information Available

Track Your Team Performance

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience

Easily Identify Your Contacts With Customized Labels

Connect With Your Customers Wherever You Go


What is Deskera CRM software?

Deskera CRM software is a technology that used by businesses to track, manage and oversee their interaction with prospects, and existing customers.

Can I add my vendors in the contact management in Deskera CRM?

You can add your vendors, customers, prospects, and even leads in the contact module on Deskera CRM.

Can create different label and tag it to my contacts?

Absolutely. Deskera CRM enables you to create customize labels and tag it to your contacts. For example, you can create different type of labels such as cold lead, hot lead, customer, and hot lead.

What is the purpose of labeling my contacts?

The reason why you need to label your contacts is to enable you to better identify your contacts faster and easier. This helps you to close a deal faster by prioritizing contact with a higher chance of conversion rate.

Can I bulk import my contact?

Yes, you can bulk import your contact at one go.

Is contact management software similar to Customer Relationship Management system?

The contact management software focuses specifically on storing and managing contact's information without other additional functionalities.
On the other hand, CRM software usually includes in-built contact management feature, and other functionalities that are used by marketing and support team.

What are the mandatory fields to fill in when saving a contact?

The only mandatory field required to save a contact successfully is the contact name. Other fields are optional.

Can I save my contact's image in Deskera CRM software?

You can definitely save each of your contact's image in the system.

Can I create a contact with similar name?

Deskera CRM software does not restrict you from saving similar contact name. You can click on the contextual menu and select the Copy button to create a duplicate contact.

Can I edit the contact's information whenever I need to?

Sure, you can do that!