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Customer Management

Deskera Customer Management provides you with a 360° understanding of customer activity, including sales, purchases, finance and manufacturing, all within a single business management system.

Centralized database to store all customer related details like opening balance, preferred delivery mode, credit terms and more that can be accessed by all departments.

Modify and update customer preferences on their profile. Confirm customer quotations, verify credit, allocate inventory, pick and ship products, process invoices – all with a single application.

Export your customer list effortlessly in convenient formats such as PDF or CSV. These files can then be edited in a spreadsheet or can be used to mail or print.

Segregate your customers into various categories based on credit limit, credit period, number of orders placed, pricing and product needs, to identify the most profitable customers.

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As one of the leading BPM companies in Singapore, Deskera help companies across the world evolve alongside current market trends. Customer Management is one of the ERP modules from Deskera. Our SME clients attain business growth and increased efficiency by using Deskera Customer Management module that improves customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate pricing, material needs and reducing rework.

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Maintain comprehensive, detailed information about your customers, including opening balance, payment terms, shipping and billing address, contact details and more. Classify your customers based on different parameters. Delight your customers and grow with one of the leading Singapore companies via Customer Management module.

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