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What is Mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM lets you and your remote employees use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to access, update and interact with customer data such as CRM Contacts, CRM Accounts, CRM Opportunities, CRM Reports, CRM Forecasting, and more. Equipping your staff with mobile CRM software gives you the edge over your competitors with access to CRM accounts, CRM sales deals, CRM service cases, and CRM contacts while on the road. The best mobile CRM enables your mobile workers do everything they could do with CRM software at their desktop, with the addition of advanced mobile CRM features.

Who can use mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM can be used by anyone who needs to interact with customer data. This includes sales managers and executives, field service, technicians, executives, CEOs and other mobile workers. Mobile CRM has an easy-to-use interface on a familiar mobile device and increases the likelihood that sales reps will update customer information such as CRM leads, CRM opportunities, CRM Accounts, CRM Reports, CRM Forecasting & More.

What are the key features of Mobile CRM?

  • Mobile CRM enables you to have real time access to CRM data such as CRM contacts, CRM accounts, CRM calendar, CRM leads, CRM sales opportunities, CRM service tickets and more. With Mobile CRM your sales executive can view latest CRM information throughout the day.
  • Mobile CRM enables your staff to leverage capabilities of popular mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile.
  • Leverage investment in mobile CRM software to increase productivity of your sales team.
  • A user -friendly, native interface of mobile CRM on the smart phones and iPad devices for intuitive CRM data access and entry.

What to look for in a mobile CRM solution?

When choosing a mobile CRM solution, you need to ensure some essential factors which can make your mobile CRM application the best. The best mobile CRM applications are user friendly and cost effective. Other Mobile CRM features are employee buy-in, ease of deployment, ease of use, security, user experience and advanced feature set. Another thing is to ensure whether Mobile CRM is compatible with your employee’s smart phone or tablet. With our Mobile CRM software solution you can have all functions which will help you to be successful in your business.

What devices work with Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM works on BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones and other web-enabled mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets are the best to exploit the possibilities of mobile CRM’s. Mobile CRM also provides you additional features which aren’t available in your computer, such as the ability to capture photos, voice recordings, and GPS data, and upload that into a CRM system.

How worried should I be about Mobile CRM security?

A mobile device that uses a mobile CRM solution is an entry point into your core CRM solution, and while the device has obvious advantages, it can also be dangerous if it is used by the wrong people. The best Mobile CRM solution allows the user to define the access permissions and rules of data transfer between mobile devices and the core mobile CRM solution. Our Mobile CRM access keeps your business information safe by using the most advanced, secure communication protocols, authentication and enrollment techniques.

What are the reasons to adopt mobile CRM?

  • Mobile CRM helps in real-time access to customer data, documents or product information.
  • Mobile CRM helps in connectivity of sales force which is very important and crucial for every customer-centric business.
  • Mobile CRM increases then lead generation opportunities and possibilities to update customer or customer interaction data.
  • Mobile CRM leads to a higher and better adoption of CRM as it is easy-to-use.
  • Mobile CRM also helps in CRM processes as provides the ability to check the social network profiles of customers and prospects.

How to improve Customer Satisfaction with Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM helps all companies to implement strategies that are more customer-centric and helps to improve customer satisfaction. Our mobile CRM software system can contribute significantly to the achievement of higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention. With our mobile CRM solution, field service and support staff can access service and help desk histories, gather real-time tips and advice from peers and colleagues. Mobile CRM software helps staff to check the availability of needed inventory of spare parts and other components.

How Mobile CRM Benefits Field Service and Support Staff?

Mobile CRM solutions can make field support personnel more productive and effective. Mobile CRM helps Technicians, on-site support staff, and other field workers to diagnose and resolve customer problems as rapidly as possible. With mobile CRM, they can view real time customer information anytime, anywhere with their cell phones, PDAs like Blackberry and Windows Pocket PC, wireless laptops, and other handheld devices. So mobile CRM can be utilized to make field service and support teams more effective.

How quickly can the Mobile CRM software be installed and fully functional?

Does the Mobile CRM system require ongoing support? The best Mobile CRM system is always efficient when it comes to deployment. Our Mobile CRM application can be deployed with a simple download of an application within 1 minute and fully deployed within 15 minutes per user. Our Mobile CRM does not require any ongoing support.

Isn’t mobile CRM expensive and difficult to manage?

Our Mobile CRM is easy and quick to install and also it is centrally managed and updated automatically. We offer a lower upfront price for our Mobile CRM. You can utilize your newest mobile devices to leverage benefits of mobile CRM. Also, you can tailor our Mobile CRM to your unique requirements.