CRM Contact Management

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Contact Management

Get in touch with your customers – anywhere, anytime. Get an outright view of your customers with Deskera CRM Contact Management.

Efficiently record and track complete contact details and correspondence. Contact details such as first name, last name, title, email address, phone, mailing address, etc., can be viewed and edited.

Import contacts easily from MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and more. Contacts which you have collated from various sources are now available under the contact list.

Define contact activities, tasks, and events for consistent contact relations. You can also keep track of phone calls and emails to keep a record of ongoing discussions with each contact.

Deskera CRM Contact management

Add/update documents for each contact and maintain a central repository of documents for all your contacts. This will help you to organize documents related to contacts for any reference.

Export your contact list in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more, for every contact that exists in the system in one convenient spreadsheet.

Maintain comprehensive address book details through Deskera's easy-to-use Contact Manager System. Deskera CRM Contact Management provides your sales team with clear visibility into your key contacts. It allows you to manage critical relationships, customer profiles, key communication status and contact history. Contact Management enables you to segment available customer data and gain knowledge about your customers in order to personalize the relationship.