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Manage Your Contacts Better

View All Your Contacts in One Place

Add Contacts on the Go Using Deskera Mobile App

Filter Your Contacts by Custom Fields

Conveniently Create New Contacts While Adding Transactions

View Purchase and Sales by Contact Reports in Real-time

Know Your Contacts' Outstanding Balance at a Glance

Import Multiple Contacts at One Go

Automated Contact Creation Via Zapier

Manage Your Contacts Better

Maintain customers and vendors in one centralized location
View outstanding receivables and payables at a glance
Update contacts on the go
Capture additional information about contacts with custom fields
Add new contacts while creating transactions
View Purchase and Sales by Contact reports in real-time
Import multiple contacts at one go
Integrate with popular applications to automate contact creation

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Who are my contacts?

Your contacts are companies or individuals that have business contacts with you. A contact can be a vendor or a customer or in some cases both vendor and customer.

How to change contact type from customer to vendor?

The contact type depends on the transactions that you have with the contact. The contact type will reflect as 'Customer' if you only have Buy transactions with them and will update to 'Customer, Vendor' if you have both Buy and Sell transactions with them.

Can I edit a contact after creation?

Definitely, you can always make changes to your contacts after you have created them. For example, you can update their billing and shipping address or change their payment term.

Can I add multiple shipping addresses for the same contact?

Yes, you can add multiple shipping and billing addresses for the same contact, and you can configure which one is the default address.

How can I deactivate a contact?

You can deactivate and activate a contact by switching the status of the contact from Active to Inactive and vice versa.

Can I have two contacts with the same name?

Yes, you can create contacts with the same name. The system will notify you whenever a contact name already exists, but you can proceed to create a new contact with the same name.

Can I export the list of contacts out?

Yes, you can export the list of contacts out in pdf, excel, or CSV format.