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Contact Management

Contact Management

Knowledge management repository for the collection of contacts.

Efficiently view and manage contact details, such as first name, last name, title, email address, phone, mailing address, etc., for all people in your network.

Quickly add new contacts by keying in basic contact information, and easily edit the contact details as it is required.

Exporting contacts to XLS helps you to view a combined contact report that contains details of all contacts in your system, on one convenient spreadsheet.

Contact Management Preview

Import all your contacts from an external location in a CSV file format, to get started instantly.

Add your friends to contacts and chat with them in real time. Communicate with team members and discuss issues in real time through the group chat and instant messaging functionality.

Contact Management System facilitates hassle-free recording and tracking of people in your network by adding their contact information and updating them from time-to-time. The contacts address book is basically managed to keep contact details of all the people involved directly or indirectly in the training, at one central location. Contact management also provides you with the facility of managing your own personalized profile by adding various details such as email ID, address, contact number and more, as well as view profiles of other people in your network.