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Campus Management

Campus Management

Effectively Manage all Campus Facilities and Resources from a Single Window.

Desker’a Campus Management system includes Facility Creation, Facility Allocation, Facility Scheduling, Priority Booking and Hostel Management for managing campuses. Deskera’s Campus Management system helps in handling key processes involved in operating an academic campus and saves time in managing logistics, facilities and resources. You can also configure and set up an academic environment for your campus.

Deskera’s Campus Management system enables you to define working hours and associated costs for each resource. With our Campus Management system, you can manage all resources and assets by grouping resources and defining booking rules.

Deskera’s Campus Management software enables you to allocate facilities, custodians, institute staff and departments, and automatically detects scheduling conflicts. Students can share their screens during assignments to simulate a physical classroom environment. The user-friendly interface of Campus Management system helps in defining resource transfer rules and associated workflows for greater convenience.

Deskera’s Campus Management system enables you to book facilities for all learning activities, including lectures, examinations, seminars, etc. and to detect and resolve scheduling conflicts through our calendar and overlaying facility. View and update dedicated resource calendars to get a complete view of resource usage and availability with Campus Management software. A user-friendly interface of Campus Management gives you a complete view of resource usage and availability.

Deskera LMS – Campus Management

Library Management system includes Digital Library, Cataloging, Circulation, Library Account Management, Stocktaking, Acquisition, and Reporting for effective management of library resources. Library Management software allows you to manage books and maintain complete details of all academic material in your organization. Manage book acquisitions, provide self service for users and configure library accounting with Library Management solution.

Manage requests for hostel accommodation and define room allocation rules efficiently with Hostel Management system. Hostel Management software maintains comprehensive hostel information including caretaker details, room booking status and occupant details. You can monitor hostel fee payment status for each student and maintain comprehensive hostel inventory information with Hostel Management Software.

Campus Management software helps you to specify priorities for each resource booking and ensure availability of facility for high-priority tasks. Other Campus Management features are the ability to send notifications to associated personnel when bookings are canceled and suitable alternative resources and dates are suggested.

Academic institutions can set up learning centers, multiple campuses, diverse faculties, etc. to build their custom e-Learning infrastructure. Our Examination Management system has extensive student management and faculty management processes, including recruitment, career progression, discipline, performance, retention, and Alumni management, are facilitated.