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Get things measured and managed to make right decisions for your people.

Analytics helps you to maintain employee profiles and to analyze the need for training. It helps organizations to identify required training areas and also highlights the occasions where training might not be appropriate but requires an alternate action.

Analytics also enables you to analyze the need for training by gathering information on the tasks to be performed (contained in job descriptions), the skills necessary to perform those tasks (drawn from job qualifications), and the minimum acceptable standards (obtained from performance appraisals) from the existing job. It helps employers to run a profile match by comparing qualifications with the requirements for the position currently held.

You can define employee skill sets and categorize them into technical skills, soft skills and presentation skills. It helps you to analyze training needs for each employee by identifying the factors creating gaps in actual performance and expected performance, and also to identify gaps between a person’s current capabilities and those identified as necessary or desirable.

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With the growing importance of analytics in every organization’s decision-making process, the demand for individuals with analytics software is at its peak. Organizations are ready to invest in analytics for deriving valuable insights. Deskera Data Analysis facilitates strategic planning functions, which helps you to identify retention time of employees who have completed a training program. It helps you to identify the correlation between performance ratings and participation in specific development activities. You can conduct skill gap analysis for individual employees, enabling optimal utilization of human capital, greater employee engagement and effective succession planning.