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Can I generate year end business reports in Deskera?

You can generate your business report by viewing the available data on your dashboard. Change the date range of each business report based on the selection available and the business report will be computed accordingly.

Can I get all my financial reports online?

You can access all your financial reports as long as you’re online. Also, if you need to access the financial reports offline, you can choose to export and save the report on your computer.

Will I get any tax reports online?

Yes, you can definitely retrieve your tax report online on Deskera Books. Do note that we only cover tax reports for the following countries: India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and the United States of America.

Can I access my accounting from phone or tablets too?

Certainly. Download Deskera Mobile App and log in using your registered credential on the web account. You can view all your accounting data on your mobile device and tablets. (Deskera Mobile App is available on both iOS and Android).

Will Deskera Books generate a Profit & Loss report?

Definitely. Deskera Books’ users can keep a sharp eye on their bottom line with the Profit and Loss Report.

Will Deskera Books generate a Balance Sheet?

Absolutely. You can view and access the Balance Sheet report on any date you prefer.

Can I view my Cash Flow of Statement in Deskera Books?

The Cash Flow Report is auto-populated in Deskera Books. You have the option to change the cash flow of the report from direct to the indirect method.

Can I create and apply credit notes to invoices in Deskera Books?

Whenever you overcharge your customers, or your customers return faulty/broken goods, you can create a credit note and apply it against the invoice document.

Will my journal entries for invoices, bills, expenses, payments be recorded automatically?

Any business transactions in the system will auto-populate the journal entries automatically.

Can I create manual journal entries in Deskera Books?

The answer is yes! We give you the flexibility to create manual journal entries whenever you want.

What is the best accounting software?

It depends on various factors, including your business size, whether you sell goods or services, and which industry you are in, and your budget. Deskera Books is designed for small business owners and bookkeepers and is pretty awesome for most industries. Of course we are biased, so don't take our word for it and try it out yourself!

What is accounting software?

An accounting software, like Deskera Books, allows you to record all your financial transactions and converts them to journal entries which are recorded in what is called a general ledger. The software then generates financial reports like balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, sales tax reports etc based on these journal entries.

What software do accountants use?

Accountants, depending on whether they are in house or external, may use different accounting software.
In house accountants usually would use whatever the business uses. There concern is around managing the books of that one business properly.
External accountants, on the other hand, will prefer an accounting software that gives them the added flexibility of managing multiple client businesses in one interface, and gives them easy billing options too.
Deskera Books is awesome for both in house and external accountants. You can use it for one company, or manage multiple clients and their accounting.

Debit and Credit notes!

Our system is flexible enough for you to create debit and credit notes with customizable fields so all your needs are covered.