CRM Account Management

Deskera CRM Legacy

Account Management

Get all the information related to different accounts at your fingertips to effectively convert customers into profitable long-term relationships.

Efficiently record and track complete account details, including expected revenue and industry type. Track and view all communications at the account level.

Record and track support cases with real-time alerts for each status update. Define multiple activities for each customer case and track their status.

Deskera incorporates ‘Click and Type’ functionality that allows you to select, edit and manipulate data, without the need of navigating through additional tabs or menus.

Track all activities related to an account in one place, whether it is adding an opportunity/contact under an account or accounting a new case under an existing account.

Deskera CRM Account management

Add/update documents for each account and maintain a central repository of documents. This will help you to organize and gyrate your sales force without any complications.

Exporting account lists in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more, helps you view a combined report in one spreadsheet for every account that exists in the system.

With Deskera’s complete Account Management software, sales managers get the complete picture of each account, with automatically updated opportunity details, access to all customer information including contacts, communication history, activity history, shared documents, notes and much more. Deskera CRM software allows administrators, managers, and sales and marketing personnel to manage a variety of accounts related to performances, customers, products, marketing/sales strategies, and companies in the most professional manner.